President Trump Visits the Border


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President Trump visited the border today to once again make the case for a wall on the southern border. Here are a couple of video clips showing his visit.

The Democrats are totally losing the argument on this. Trump is trying to provide what the Customs and Border Patrol people are asking for. Nothing more and nothing less. He spoke with Border Patrol people who said that the vast majority of issues they have are in places with no wall or barrier.

All these arguments the Democrats have put out about why we can’t have funding for a border wall have been insane. They claim walls aren’t effective even though it is obvious that they work with their effectiveness confirmed by Border Patrol agents. And as far as walls being immoral, is it not immoral to leave the nation’s borders unsecured? They’ve basically taken a position that is pro-crime and against national security.

Plus, there’s numerous clips of all these fools saying the exact same thing Trump is saying about the border only a few years ago.

The Democrats are so dug into their position, it is almost certain that Trump will have to declare a national emergency. He has no other choice. And based on some of what he was saying today, it looks as if that’s exactly what he’s going to do.

Also, the courts are going to have a tougher time striking a national emergency declaration down because presidential emergency powers are broad and were specifically granted to the executive by Congress.


schumer was for a wall before he was against it… strange that NPR FAKE NEWS hasn’t mentioned this…


Democrats feel good about letting in poor people from around the world. These are people who don’t make a lot of complicated demands about health care, dental or unfunded pensions or what their kids should be doing for a living. They’re not whiny, like Americans. They’re not living reminders of how politicians have failed to fulfill their promises. No. They’re just grateful to be here. They’re immigrants. Democrats love people like that. In fact, they’ve come to love them much more than they love you.------Tucker Carlson


And get this, according to Tucker… Democrats in Congress have just proposed spending $12 million to investigate reparations for slavery,