Poland Threatens to Dig Up Jew Holocaust Site


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A few years ago, Jews for some strange reason began blaming Poles for the alleged Holocaust. This despite the fact that Jews previously only blamed the Germans for the alleged Holocaust. Blaming the Poles for this is particularly bizarre considering their country was invaded by Germany during World War II.

But by doing this, the Jews have opened up a real can of worms. The alleged death camps where the Holocaust was said to have occurred were in Poland. And by accusing the Poles of participating in gassing six million kikes, the Polish government is now looking at digging up one of the alleged Jew Holocaust sites to prove that they did not Holocaust them. Needless to say, the Jews do not want this to happen.


The Polish government is reconsidering whether to exhume human remains at a World War II-era site where Jews were burned alive by Polish neighbors, though the country’s chief rabbi says the work would violate Judaism’s prohibition on disinterment under most circumstances.

Authorities will weigh “various circumstances” in deciding if exhumations should go forward in the town of Jedwabne, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki told private broadcaster Polsat News.

During the German Nazi occupation of Poland, Poles killed at least 340 Jews on July 10, 1941. Most of the victims were locked inside a barn that was set on fire.

Some Poles want the massacre site excavated to uncover possible evidence that Germans ordered Polish villagers to do the killings. The work was started in 2001 and stopped by the justice minister after several days due to Jewish objections.

Chief Rabbi Michael Schudrich said exhuming the place where the barn stood “would desecrate the memory of those who were buried there.”

“It makes moral sense that we should follow the religious traditions of those who were buried there,” Schudrich told The Associated Press. “Jewish law hasn’t changed in 2,000 years, and what we said in 2001 remains the same now.”

But gee, I wonder why the Jews don’t want them to dig up the site. Maybe that’s because it will potentially expose their retarded hoax.

The Jews were stupid to accuse the Poles of being involved in the Holocaust. Poland is in a position to expose this dumb hoax and all they have to do is dig up the sites where all these dead Jews are alleged to exist. When they don’t find millions of dead Jews, the entire thing will be revealed as the hoax that it is.

Poland should dig up this site and dig up all other sites as well. If the Jews did not want this to happen, they shouldn’t have falsely accused Poles of putting them in shower room gas chambers.


There’s nothing to dig up, ground radar already showed there are no mass grave at those sites. The kikes now this, that’s why they are using the sacred ground excuse for not wanting it dug up. Holohoax.


I really hope they excavate the site. As they say, the truth fears no investigation.


When the site is dug up and it shows no mass graves, I hope the front page of all the Polish newspapers read “HOLOHOAX”


When no bodies are found, there will be no further reason to complain about disturbing the dead.


There was a threatened reinvestigation of 9/11 but sadly it has been sent to the wooden doored gas showers.




The kikes will fight this - so they have enough time to plant something there - old bones, most likely of goyim.

Ground penetrating radar has already been done - showing the ground has never been disturbed…


I’d read somewhere that the kikes went in and covered the ground with a very thick layer of concrete - to make sure ground-penetrating radar could never be used again - and of course, that the ground was sacred and should never be disturbed.

Also, what happened to all the ashes?

IOW, Niemand verde vergasst.