Pocahontas is Now the Democrat Presidential Front-Runner


Originally published at: Pocahontas is Now the Democrat Presidential Front-Runner | Infostormer.com

It is looking increasingly likely that Elizabeth Warren aka Pocahontas is going to win the Democrat presidential nomination.

Joe Biden has made tons of verbal fuck ups on the campaign trail and has had his campaign sabotaged by the Democrat impeachment circus that has been launched against the orange man. It has indirectly exposed his corrupt dealings in Ukraine and China. So his popularity in the polls is plunging like a rock. He’s also hated by the progressive wing of the party.

The Jew Bernie Sanders just had a heart attack and is around 80-years-old. As a result of his health problems, he can no longer be considered a viable candidate.

Kamala Harris got destroyed in the debates by Tulsi Gabbard and is hated by blacks because she’s mixed-race and a cop. So her campaign is pretty much done with.

And this leaves Pocahontas as the Democrat presidential front-runner. None of the other minor candidates are garnering any momentum and there is no buzz or excitement around anything they’re doing.

I do however expect Gabbard and Andrew Yang to emerge as dark horse candidates. Sort of like what Ron Paul did on the Republican side in 2008 and 2012, but neither of them stand a chance of winning the nomination. Even if they did manage to gain a surge in momentum and match Pocahontas in the polls, the Democrat establishment would screw them just like they screwed Bernie in 2016.

Now granted, a great deal can change over the next several months. But right now it is looking as if Warren is the most likely candidate to win the nomination. And I don’t see a scenario in which she can possibly defeat the orange man. She’s going to be ruthlessly mocked as a fake Indian and destroyed during any debates she has with him.

At least it will be funny to see all these stupid millennial feminist whores cry when Pocahontas loses. It will be like 2016 all over again.


Unless gabbard makes it out the primary, Trump gonna chew the fake injun and spit her bones out and cause more liberal aggravation lol


If Pocahontas goes against Trump, it will be another Wounded Knee. He won’t even need to have spies plant smallpox blankets at the DNC.

The race is still far from done. I think Kamala will put a lot more ‘niggah’ in these debates, probably strutting around the stage like a chicken and possibly moon-walking. Bernie will fight to the end, and will run his campaign from the hospital with tubes running in and out of his chest. Biden is the only one who is probably finished. A sad and pathetic way to leave politics as a drooling, stuttering old fool.


Pocahontas is a sleazy, double speaking corporate whore who lacks any semblance of a moral compass. Hillary is NOT going to sit idly by and let Pocahontas run and potentially win the DNC nomination. Simply not going to happen.
Neither can beat Trump, but Pocahontas has NO shot. zilch, zip, nada !. The DNC won’t back her, the DNC is owned by Hillary and her ((((( Handlers ))))). Hillary wants to be the first womyn / Wombyn president.


Maybe she’ll put Rachel Dolezal & Shawn King in her cabinet.


She really is the Dem.s’ best candidate, but I don’t think they even want to win.


Hillary has to be eyeing up another run with the rest of the Dems looking so pathetic