Palestinian rockets are just a distraction from Israel’s war crimes


I’ve looked through the evidence on Wikipedia and found this.

Victims of Palestinian rocket attacks (2008 - 2018):
31 dead, 707+ wounded
727+ treated for shock/anxiety/acute stress reaction
14 cows dead, 3 cows injured
1 horse died
2 goats died, 9 goats injured
1 cat died

So the Orlando shooter managed to actually kill more in a single night with an AR-15 than these rockets did in a decade. Wow, such tragedy!



Damage from the rocket attacks

Funny enough, Jewkipedia doesn’t have many articles on air strikes on Gaza or the internment of Palestinians in the West Bank. Israelis use the rockets as a justification of attacking the Palestinians, the Palestinians justify their rocket attacks by Israel’s refusal to conform to ceasefires. Whose side is really correct?


The Palestinians should equip their rockets with payloads of zyklon b, just for shits and giggles if nothing else.


That poor cat! :crying_cat_face: