Orthodox Jewish woman to head National Security Agency’s new cybersecurity section



Surprise, surprise. :roll_eyes:


Hired by liberal Jews, they use them as pawns in their 88 dimension chess game against us- of course the orthodox ones are very tribal and unforgiving.
Let us all pray the sins of the perfidy of the eternal Jew. Amen.


Well, the cream rises to the top.


What this means is that she will put the Israeli interest before the interest of the USA. Israel will have access to anything they want from America, and their activities will be willingly hidden by this Jewess.


She should be classified as a security risk, but they promote her instead.


American jews live in the best neighborhoods, send their kids to the best schools and have the cushiest, most influential high-paying jobs. And yet they still complain. A lot.

How much longer are we going to put up with them?