Only 11 Employers Prosecuted for Hiring Illegal Aliens in 2018


Originally published at: Only 11 Employers Prosecuted for Hiring Illegal Aliens in 2018 |

Donald Trump ran on a presidential campaign based around an America First agenda meaning that he would encourage people to buy American and hire American. Unfortunately, he has done nothing to go after employers who hire illegal aliens.


Only 11 employers and no businesses were prosecuted for hiring illegal aliens over American citizens for U.S. jobs last year, federal data finds.

Although President Donald Trump’s administration has increased interior immigration enforcement by increasing the total number of arrests and deportations of illegal aliens — results that have lifted the wages of millions of working and middle-class Americans — little-to-no progress has been made in terms of increasing the prosecution of businesses and employers that knowingly hire illegal aliens over American citizens.

Federal data obtained by Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) at Syracuse University reveals that while Trump has tightened the labor market via more arrests and deportations of illegal immigrants, U.S. employers and businesses continue to largely get away with illegal hiring practices.

Between April 2018 through March 2019, for instance, only 11 employers were prosecuted for hiring illegal aliens over Americans. In the last year, no businesses were prosecuted for hiring illegal aliens.

Of those 11 employers prosecuted, only three of them received prison time.

Nobody even knows the number of illegals in the country, but we know that there are many millions of them. The fact that only 11 employers were prosecuted for hiring illegals is a sick joke. There should be many more prosecutions.

The fact that employers are utilizing cheap illegal alien labor is a huge draw for these goblin hordes. Employers who hire illegals need to be punished severely so this practice is ended.

Wire and bank transfers from the United States to Central America should also be banned by the Treasury Department. If the goblins can’t send money back to their goblin family members, in Central America you’d have fewer goblins here.

Getting rid of the incentives for these hordes to make the journey would be easy but Trump has refused to do them. It’s ridiculous.


Trump could do a lot but i think that he’s using the border crisis to strengthen his hand in 2020. it took him almost THREE YEARS to get Mexico’s attention with tariffs. now Mexico is talking. he should have done this ON DAY ONE. after all, mexico was ACTIVELY ENCOURAGING immigrants to pass through their country with temporary citizenship passes and train/truck rides north.


With 30 million illegals in the country it would clog the courts for decades even if you transported the employers to court on trains and tried them in huge chambers with wooden doors. It will take public shaming and instant fines and/or IRS audits of guilty employers to put a dent in the problem.


There isn’t a more hostile, enemy nation in the world towards america than mexico.
There has never been a more legitimate reason to use our military against another nation as their currently is and has been when dealing with the criminals who run mexico.
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