Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris Engulfed in Flames


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The famed Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is on fire and it looks like the damage is incredibly severe.

The horrifying moment the spire of the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris collapses

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— The Telegraph (@Telegraph) April 15, 2019

Huge fire breaks out in Paris' famous Notre Dame cathedral

— TIME (@TIME) April 15, 2019

This has been one of the most famous buildings in the entire city. Before the fire, I saw a story about how the building required millions of dollars of renovations. The building was completed in 1260 so obviously a building this old requires a great deal of maintenance.

But the destruction of this building is really just a sad metaphor for what’s happened to Western civilization in general. Anybody who travels to Paris realizes that it isn’t Paris any longer. It is a cesspool filled with all sorts of genetic waste lingering around. I have no desire to visit the city because of this. Maybe if the Yellow Vest movement is successful in taking back France I’ll reconsider.


It´s Varg!


Or it´s promotion for Game of Thrones (more likely in our hedonostic world).



Such a beautiful, iconic place! What a shame.


That is heartbreaking, it’s as bad as the taliban destroying the giant Buddhas in Afghanistan. Guaranteed it’s a semite of some sort, either sunni or jewish.


Agree. Heartbreaking.


I wonder which “religion” was behind the arson?


i will NEVER visit any country that has ‘holocaust denial’ laws.

i hope Macron gets a knife in the face over this.


This is the shit these freaks are doing. See Palmyra in Syria(Temple of Bel, the Great Colonnade, and the Tomb of the Three Brothers just some of what they wrecked there). Those enormous Budda statues, all that ancient stuff in Iraq’s museums and libraries especially in Mosul. So much irreplaceable stuff wantonly and systematically destroyed by these vile fiends. Now this… They did it.


yes, and in Syria they did it with the aid and abetment of the USA and Israel.


Nuke Mecca!



I’m making the claim now that it was definitely arson. In the days and weeks to come questions will be answered and evidence will be revealed to us by all of our combined sources here.

I postulate this was a deliberate and heinous attack on Christianity by the undesirables in Europe, both Islam and the Jews.

The Jews have an expression.

“ Never forget and never forgive” in regard to our European ancestors shunning and displacing the Jews for centuries because Old Europe Christian beliefs knew their evil intentions they harbored against a white society.

A sampling of the Facebook users taking delight in the tragedy…see if you notice anything in common:

  • Wahid Hadji
  • Oubbad Jsk
  • Yusuf Mohammedzai
  • Hessam Massa
  • Mohamed Hiadi
  • Mohamed Bensalem
  • Alaa Atfeh
  • Raidh Khaled
  • Ammar Sofiane
  • Abdelhakim Noui Oua
  • Mohamed Amin

You get the picture.
I do.


Better that all the cathedrals in Europe be razed to the ground than be converted into mosques by the heathen ass lifters.


It has been around 60 years since the flood of Algerian refugees entered mainland France and demanded citizenship and like Muslims immigrants everywhere in that time the majority have shown a complete unwillingness to integrate. They remain North African muslims and spit on French history and traditions. The Nazis left Paris without a shot being fired rather than see it become a battleground, the same with Rome. These muslim scum are literally worse than Nazis


I, pet goat II predicted this!