No Shame Trannys in Women's Sports


this is beyond insane… don’t these transexuals have any shame? they are actually beaming with pride when they beat-up or outrun a genetic woman… i guess the criteria is that if a guy grows some tits, he can enter the olympics as a woman and ‘go for the gold’. amazingly, everyone is going along with this lunacy even the genetic women who come in 2nd and 3rd. none of them have the courage to tell these tranny athletes to FUCK THE HELL OFF and refuse to compete in protest or at the very least refuse the 2nd place trophy… we got super-rich niggers taking a knee at Foobawl games and these bitches can’t speak-up about the blatant injustice allowing genetic men with tits to compete with biological women. they all deserve what they get.

this is going to DESTROY women’s athletics. i can’t wait to see how The Olympics deals with tranny athletes. what a complete cluster-fuck this is. just wait until a tranny boxer kills a woman in the ring. that’s what it’s going to take to stop this abject lunacy.