Nipsey Funeral Drive-By Kills Mourner


well, the truce between those love-bug, Bloods and Crips didn’t last long. As the jigaboos were planting Nipsey other jigaboos were planning a drive-by shooting. there was no way to predict that this would happen and the mourners were stunned, STUNNED i tell you as evidenced by mourner, Kashikia Jackson: “mufuga-sheeit, wee didn spect dat aa-tall !”

what the negros should do is plan for this and make a double and triple sized casket so that they can save time and money and just throw the new dead bodies in with the deceased.

BUT, da pO-leece bee sayin dat, an eye quode:

Officer Drake Madison says there’s no indication the shooting Thursday evening was connected to the procession.

shootings are so common in the hood that everyone just takes them in-stride. but they will stop soon because Chiefy said these tough words:

Police Chief Michel Moore tweeted: “We must stop this senseless violence.”

but senseless violence IS black america. it’s in their savage genes. there is nothing that can be done except to round them up and put them on a desert island.