New York Votes to Give $27 Million in Free Tuition to Illegal Aliens


Originally published at: New York Votes to Give $27 Million in Free Tuition to Illegal Aliens |

The New York state government just voted to give $27 million in free tuition to illegal aliens. Meanwhile, they blocked giving funds to the children of veterans who fought in wars to benefit Israel.

'WRONG AND INSULTING': A Democrat-led committee in New York is being slammed by both parties after blocking funds to send the children of fallen veterans to college. Meanwhile, $27 million was given to illegal immigrants for their tuition. #CBSNewYork

— CBS New York (@CBSNewYork) April 13, 2019

This is just another example of the circus-tier reality we are living in. America’s system of government only serves the interests of Jews and the third world hordes they have invited in to feed off of us.

White people built this country and maintain it to this day. It is time that government institutions start serving our interests. Fuck the Jews and fuck their uninvited guests. They all need to be kicked out.


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Clown world strikes again


Either way you slice it, this doesn’t end well…


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What do they even need money for? Won’t all those Jew professors teach illegal immigrants for free?


Commie U wants to brainwash them to vote for HillaryCo.


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When are these dumbass Whites that volunteer to fight for a government that obviously hates them going to wake tf up?


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