Never put grandma in a nursing home employing niggers


Other than just wanting to be far away from blacks, I don’t have much issues with them that being far away from them wouldn’t solve.

That said, I’d lynch this fuck and his family if it was legal.

There’s also an immigration hold on him

An illegal nigger at that. Fucking piece of shit country we have rn.


all nursing homes hire niggers and white-trash. better just to hang yourself when you start to go.


Yeah. When my grandma and grandpa (rest in peace) got too old to do everyday stuff, thankfully me and my family all pitched in and help them to live in home for 5 final years without any need to send them to nursing home. The result: they left my father with handsome inheritance and real estate. No money is wasted to the dysfunctional nursing home! Tried and true advice- respect your elders. I know my family is unlike most of average American family. We just kept our old world doctrine as a rule.


Have babies and raise them right and then you don’t need a nursing home.


Well said Sir. My grandma who raised me since adolescense died in our family home not in the hospital or nursing home. She was surrounded by her loved ones when it happened. We were never rich people.


feminist BITCHES aborted my kids.


I am sorry to hear that Sir.


That right, you’re a good grandson, it’s very rare. Sending parents in nursing home is criminal, it’s the duty of children to support there parents. Nursing home shouldn’t exist, it’s a deathtrap financed by big private compagnies, and any children who send there parents there deserve to be disinherited.

In Asia they supported there parents until the last day of there life, it’s a western sickness to send old people in these deathtraps.


Hopefully that murder legalization all over United States will get abolished soon. Alabama is going into the right direction by abolishing and punishing abortion with jail sentences toward doctors who practice it. I think than it should be punished by death penalty though.


I’m sort of on the tightrope on that. While I do not support feminist idea of abortion rights. But I do support free and unfettered abortions for non Europeans. Why not we send the feminists to Africa and promote abortion mills over there? We should leave no nigger behind in equality? Right?


No way! feminists have zero chance to survive there. That why i’m totally for send them to Saudi Arabia, he! he!


Same. I moved back home to help with my grandma, got an extra 6 years of memories before she finally passed. Great joy in that.

Kinda tease my mom, tell her she better give me the power of attorney if anything happens because my bro, who went evangelical hypocritical douche, and his bitch money living wife , would put her in Happy Trails Peaceful Meadows Home for the elderly and I won’t.


That disgusting! when there own children will put them in house nursing they will laugh less. Always keep your mother beside you!
Evangelical are really the worst hypocritical scum on earth, i hate them.