Negro Heisman Winner Apologizes for Saying "Queer" on Twitter


Originally published at: Negro Heisman Winner Apologizes for Saying “Queer” on Twitter |

The Negro Kyler Murray who just won the Heisman Trophy, was forced to apologize because he used the word “queer” on Twitter when he was a teenager.

Here are some of the old tweets. There’s nothing remotely offensive about them.

It looks like this Jewish culture of political correctness has gotten to the point where blacks are not allowed to say negative things about faggots. This is the second story like this that we’ve seen over the past week or so.

The black comedian Kevin Hart was forced out as the Oscars host over a similar situation. He said negative things about faggots on Twitter back in the late 2000s and it turned into a whole deal.

There seems to be this weird trend of people digging through someone’s social media history to find something they might have said in the past that doesn’t conform to ever evolving present day state of political correctness. The term “queer” at one point was even embraced by homosexuals and there is still debate within the faggot community over if the term can be used in a negative or positive connotation.

This shit is so dumb. It is just fascinating to see how all this PC horse shit is now being applied to niggers.


i don’t know a single 14 or 15yo who hasn’t said, “faggot” or “queer”. that’s all we used to say at that age… the fact that you can get fired from your job or lose an NFL contract over it is Orwellian.


He doesn’t really sound sorry in that apology – they have to make him grovel.


Only faggots apologise!


Even the negroes are compelled to apologize now? Another stride towards equality!


This just proves that one day , if these kikes are not stopped and totally removed , that they will be demanding our heads on a spike for even commenting on these forums.
There is only one way out of this mess.
We all know what needs to be done but it cannot even be spoken of because “promoting” violence is horrifying to our castrated ,docile people.
This was the point of legalizing and mainstreaming the use of very powerful cannabis products.
Its not just the dumbing down of our people, but they’ve been rendered docile and useless from this and many other cleverly thought out attacks against our people.
Think what pornography , big pharma and marijuana alone have done to pacify the goyim.