Negro CNN Contributor Fired for Hating on Israel


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The Communist Negro Marc Lamont Hill delivered a speech at the United Nations where he criticized Israel of many crimes including ethnically cleansing the Palestinians.

Here’s the speech.

Shortly after the speech, Hill was abruptly fired by CNN.

So much for CNN believing in free speech. They criticized Donald Trump for being against free speech because he banned their reporter Jim Acosta from the White House because he kept acting like an asshole. But this move shows that CNN does not care about free speech.

Hill was obviously fired because CNN is an organization that is run by Jews and has lots of Jews working for them. They simply couldn’t have an uppity Negro criticizing Jews like this on their network.


Hill dindu nuffins wrong.


Communist negroes are obviously expendable when they fail to follow the script.


In some way or another, until there’s no Israel or goons in our countries, we should show solidarity with people like this and Palestinians too, especially if it makes them go back.