NBC and Fox News Refuses to Air "Racist" Trump Ad


Originally published at: NBC and Fox News Refuses to Air “Racist” Trump Ad | Infostormer.com

A political advertisement exposing the problem we have with brown savages invading our country has been deemed so “racist” that both NBC and Fox News have refused to air it.

Here’s the ad in case you haven’t seen it.

The ad accurately describes how Democrats desire to have America flooded with violent brown savages. It is a very effective piece of political propaganda because it shows the actual behavior of these animals. Of course truth is considered “racist” these days.

I do think it is utterly retarded that both NBC and Fox News are refusing to air the ad because of “racism.” But in many ways, it is a good thing that they did this because it only means that more people will watch it online.

The ad tweeted out by Trump has already been seen over six million times and many more will see it before they go to the polls tomorrow.


Check out this little snippet I found and pay particular attention to the star of David on the van door.


Yea, did an article about this a few weeks ago. It couldn’t be any more obvious that this caravan invasion shit has been manufactured by Jewish groups.




It’s important to name the benefactors and where the shekels flow from.


bring back sawing criminals in-half and that’d wipe the smirk off of his fat face.

how can the truth be racist?