Nazi Design Exhibition in Holland Sells Out: Organizers Panic and Ban Cell Phones


“A Dutch museum’s attempt to showcase what it claims is “evil” Nazi design art and architecture has backfired after the exhibition was sold out in the first few days—and the panicked organizers have now banned all visitors from using cell phones in the museum to stop people taking “selfies” with the display.”


Still a lot better than (((avant-garde))) art.


Most modern art is nothing more than a money laundering tool, or it’s used to make pay-offs. This is especially true when the art is sold on consignment.


Jews control the art world. Lasha Darkmoon has written about how the entire industry is entirely in Jew hands, critics, gallery owners, art museum foundations, etc.

They try to tell us goyim what is and isn’t art - Hitler knew this well, Jewish degeneracy in the art world (he was an artist, after all).

Jews will tell you which one of these is “great art” - and the rest garbage:

Spot the Jewish artist.

Or tell us Jew paintings like this are worth tens of millions of dollars:

We ARE living in the days of the Wiemar Republic. Hopefully that this exhibit is so popular means people are starting to realize that Hitler was right about just about everything.


Why would I not take selfies visiting such a wonderful and delightful exhibition? I have always wanted to see those alleged death camps, and I’d take several cell phones with me to take lots of selfies. I imagine I’d be asked to leave. At one of those alleged death camps they tell you to keep a reserved expression…I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to look too damn serious.:slight_smile:


All should read the Communist tenets to overthrow America. Falls right in line with current and past kikery.

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