Mountain Brook Alabama Grandpa Faces Future Reeducation Courses


“This is not San Francisco or downtown Birmingham,” the note said in all caps. “This is Homewood which is a religious and family city. We suggest that you remove that flag before it is too late. We are concerned citizens. Good Bye.”


Dude writes a note and posted it on the back door and that’s a $300 fine for harassment?

I have a similar situation where I live and I’m not involved in. A guy that owns a conference hall and church used by local businesses for large groups for different events is being banned and losing financially because he is a Christian and some liberals found out he opposed the openly LGBT whatever degenerate agenda online.

So the result is that the libtards refused to go there and demand another venue which continues against him and they get what they want.
So wrong.


I wonder how these old crackers feel now. These are the sorts that are low church Protestants who believe in “Blessing” Israel. It saddens me, when you see old clips of white southerners from the 50s and 60s they were very Jew Wise. They knew that commie Jews from NYC were destroying the culture of the South. Jews have been behind the fag (as so many Jews are fags as well).


Man, there’s something about these Jews that suggests they might be the children of satan. I just don’t know.


It wouldn’t surprise me. Ever notice (((their))) involvement in the occult?