Miami NIGGERS Pull Gun on White Boys & Get Beat


no doubt these violent jigaboos have criminal records but were let out to rob again. these white kids were lucky though because they aren’t very tough and didn’t do a very good job of disarming the nigger. then they let the niggers DRIVE AWAY.


Oil up the Hate Crimes Rack.

*Just watched vid, lucky the darkie didn’t know how to use that weapon. Go for revolvers if you’re a beginner with a gun.


That’s rare instance of soy boys actually do fight back. And yes the nigger don’t know how to use the handgun lolz, just a very lucky situation that they don’t get their brains blown away


yes, and when the second nigger gets out of the getaway car to help his fellow savage that one white guy gets scared and backs away even though the -pants below his ass- nigger could have easily been kicked in the balls from behind… hey white guys, when it’s ‘go time’ you gotta fucking go. ( i can’t fucking wait for someone to give me the legal right to knock his ass out.) the nigs were disarmed and ready for an ass-whoppin and instead started attacking again. fuck them! IT’S GO TIME!


Jews have to be spitting blood and clawing at the air over this.

I’ll agree that they were a little too easy on these apes. Yes, they fought back, but I’d be ripping flesh off of these subhumans.


Yeah agreed! Backing out of fight is typical soyboy behavior…


they had four guys and a gun and they were scared of the savages… you can see that they’re all lanky and muscleless. that’s probably why they were targeted in the first place. they looked like victims.


also, the white soyboys didn’t check the gun to see if it was loaded because they have no firearms experience. that’s the very FIRST thing that you do! if it’s loaded you can order them 'GIT OWN DA GROWN! " and hold them till the cops come. instead they just let them drive fucking away. what a disgrace…


This is another good example that federal law should be constitutional carry, overcoming and repealing any goofy local and state gun control laws, period. Vermont carry all the way from coast to coast!


They were not bad for a first encounter, and will do better next time.


they were terrible and clearly not at all trained how to fight and totally unaware of their surroundings. these are the type of pussies that want to destroy our 2nd amendment.

when i’m in a parking lot, i ALWAYS pay attention especially when there are niggers around. i’ve been doing a boxing workout for decades. these guys are just goofball college kids who have never gotten into a fight in their lives. regardless, all one must be prepared to do in a situation like this is BALLS AND EYES, BALLS AND EYES.


My expectations have become very low these days. :frowning:


Those 4 idiots missed the great opportunity to beat up some niggers. It is very important, especially in these miserable days, to face the enemy and to fight back. Apes like Niggers, Turks or Arabs usually are cowards and stupid. It’s quite easy to defeat them. So every opportunity should be used to beat them, kick them, showing they are NOT welcome on our soils. Never surrender to subhuman scum!


they could have shot them. problem solved.