McCain a LOSER?

Democrats new strategy, as I saw on the nightly fake news last night, is now to say Trump called our “military” “veterans” “heroes” losers. When in fact he was talking only about John McCain, who WAS a total loser. It’s not a secret they hated each other and John McCain was key in influencing his pal on the supreme court to vote for asylum for all, creating a total fiasco on the Mexican border, couple years ago. It’s awesome that he died.
Trump has denied this “loser” statement, but he should probably admit it now if it is true, as continuation of this lie will make him look like a liar and could be a big problem with voters. Already there are a few sources confirming he said the “L” word about McCain. Oh and now he’s dead, so horrible! Except of course the media neglects to mention it was long before he died if this was said at all.
As I watched the fake news I couldn’t help but think about how they would be defending Biden if he did the EXACT same thing, saying, oh the heat of the moment, long history, different viewpoints, blah blah blah etc etc.
With all the nigger “experts” on the news what can you expect.