L'Oreal Removes "Whitening" From Skin Products

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L’Oréal has decided to remove the terms “whitening” and “fair” from its products because it allegedly hurts the feelings of niggers.

L'OREAL will REMOVE words like "Whitening" and "fair" from its products.. Because racism.
What in the actual F. https://t.co/ha6YAG7PKY

— DeAnna Lorraine 🇺🇸 (@DeAnna4Congress) June 28, 2020

People have gone full fucking retard.

Who the hell was even asking for this? And how do these words hurt the feelings of niggers? If niggers are so hurt over these words being on a product than they really need to come grips with their nigger fragility.

You would think that the people making corporate decisions would be smarter than this, but they’re not. Some dumbass 30-something millennial cunt on the L’Oréal marketing team probably made this decision in the name of being woke.


Mr. Cleans days are numbered.


Well, their customers for this product certainly aren’t White and aren’t marketed to us, so I don’t give a good GD.

Besides, wanting Whiter skin is cultural appropriation of White culture - just as blacks go ballistic if a non-black wears corn rows.

Let 'em go bankrupt for all I care.


Why is it acceptable for blonde hair dye to be sold? Fraudulent bleached wannabes been giving real blondes a bad name for decades.

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