Longtime Zimbabwean Strongman Robert Mugabe Dies At 95



I always loved how Anglo Westerners feigned moral outrage over Mugabe’s crimes while doing absolutely nothing about it, coz secretly they were glad about it, because he was murdering very non-Anglo White Rhodesians, all while the jew rubbed his warm hands proping up communists (as usual) and cashing in the White blood for shekels.
Thank you though, Westerners, for your absolutely useless moral outrage.


It was even worse in South Africa, niggers are still murdering and raping humans there . Damn gorilla nosed…


Mugabe, like Mandela, was a low life thug. I honestly think these guys didn’t even understand the concept of communism, but just parroted what they were (((told))). ‘Say this and we’ll give you money!’