Literal Nazi Arthur Jones Won 26.5 Percent of the Vote


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Our man Arthur Jones who won the Republican nomination in the Illinois 3rd Congressional district by running unopposed in the primaries, ended up getting 26.5 percent of the vote in the general election yesterday.

Considering that Jones was literally associated with actual Nazi groups, this is quite a positive result. It shows that an increasing number of people don’t give a flying fuck about the feelings of Jews.

And sure, a bunch of those votes probably came from people who just voted a straight Republican ticket, but it is hard to believe that they didn’t know who he was. He made an appearance on CNN several months back that generated a great deal of attention.

His candidacy also drew a attention from many local media outlets in the area.

The larger point is that a bunch of people who voted in this district absolutely had to know who he was and what he stood for.

He ended up getting over 56,000 votes, which means that those people didn’t give a shit that he doesn’t believe in the fake Jew Holocaust hoax or is against Jews.

This result shows that we are making progress.


First Pittsburgh and now this?six-million-never-forgetwhen will the Shoahs end?!


Too bad he didn’t win. In other news, the W.H. just revoked Jim Acosta’s press pass. He and his liberal/ commie followers are crying his freedom of speech was violated. Where was their concern when whites on the right were being silenced? Hypocrite scumbags. I hope Trump has the balls to revoke more press passes from CNN and other outlets, permanently.


What’s interesting is how fast they shut down the whining about the Pittsburgh synagogue situation. They sure didn’t get much leverage out of it.


That’s a good move by Trump. 75 percent of those assholes shouldn’t be in the press room. They’re paid activists working for Jews.


And we’re making it thanks to the internet and ALL that that implies.



Just a heads up if you haven’t heard of Little Revolution Patrick Little running for President 2020 Going across OUR nation naming the Jew. YouTube [It’s Okay To Be White Marches Update]

He is going to cities across America campaigning, and naming the Jew. He has a free speech ‘petition’ called (SMACA) Social Media Anti-Censorship Act. @ Paul Nehlen was standing up to them as well. He ran for Senate in California and did pretty well considering.


National Propaganda Radio’s favorite word now is “Nazis” so we’re making a difference forcing liberal, globalist filth to use The “N” Word.