Kavanaugh Confirmed to the United States Supreme Court!


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It’s official. Brett Kavanaugh has been confirmed to the United States Supreme Court. The final vote was 50-48.

A mob of crazy womyn and soyboy faggots were banging on the doors of the Supreme Court building yelling all sorts of nonsense to protest the confirmation. These angry and delusional anti-American pieces of shit belong in concentration camps. Since they believe that people are guilty until proven innocent, they have no coherent argument against their indefinite detainment.

The president held an energetic rally in Kansas where he talked about the Kavanaugh confirmation and numerous other issues.

Getting Kavanaugh through has really fired up the base. The dirty dealings employed by Jews and the Democrat Party to try and derail the nomination has totally backfired. They vastly over reached with their diabolical smear tactics. Not only is their base totally dejected but they’ve energized their opponents.

Trump also did an interview on Fox News after the rally where he further elaborated on everything that’s happened.

And this tweet from the president says it all.

Whatever disagreements you have with Trump or the Republicans need to be set aside for the good of the country. The Kavanaugh confirmation process has proven that Democrats must not be allowed to have political power of any kind. There is now a clear and distinct difference between the two parties. It’s either Trump populism or Jewish Communism. That’s why we have to get out and vote for R’s across the board. It’s become a choice between sanity and insanity.


The problem is if we vote for those cowardly backstabbing Republicunts Whitey will go back to sleep, thinking America has been saved. But it cannot be saved. The judeo-bolsheviks won’t give up and go away, they must be physically annihilated. Whatever time Trump gives us must be used to prepare for Helter Skelter/RAHOWA/Civil War II.


At this point, not voting turns over power to the Jews and Communists by default. Voting R’s is the most pragmatic thing to do for 2018. The more progress Trump makes the more insane these people are going to become and the more White people will engage in the political process and join our side. I just disagree with this idea that America is a lost cause.


The final vote was 50 - 48. I heard that there was an abstention & a no-show, is that correct? Anybody know?


@DrTeapot One Senator said he had to attend his daughter’s wedding, so he couldn’t vote.


Triggered delusional feminist goes to supreme court


Frightened Muslim women of color.


Fantastic- 3 jews and 6 Catholics


LMAO… she can always go back to her shit-hole… hopefully she’ll take justice Ginsberg with here where they will both be put in prison for a good torturing.


as soon as Ginsberg drops dead it’ll be 7 whites against 2 sub-humans.



And moron murkowski voted “present”. We’re all present!!! What the hell kind vote is that?


Thank God Justice Kavanaugh stayed strong throughout the utter bullshit to he and family.
Come on ginsburg take a permanent nap.


The left will now be demanding a recount. Sounds like the election. Once again the left has failed. Where was this outrage when good ole’ Bill was getting sucked off by that fat jewish princess? Hell, the media covered for him and said he was the victim!


I just found this:

NYT has a roll-call list of votes:


In a nice moslem country, perhaps she could stop literally shaking.


I feel sorry for her…cat.


I had exactly the same reaction.


Scalia can rest in peace knowing that his death didn’t result in another liberal on the bench. Gone but not forgotten.