Jews Try to Frame Mark Dice in Murder of 7-Year-Old Black Girl


Originally published at: Jews Try to Frame Mark Dice in Murder of 7-Year-Old Black Girl |

The Jews have gone too far. They just suspended Mark Dice from Facebook for posting facts about black criminality. They even tried to frame him for the murder of a 7-year-old black girl in Texas. A sketch of his face was plastered all over the Jewish news media!

Here’s Dice’s response to the Jews trying to frame him.

Fortunately, the plot to frame Dice was discovered and the true culprit was a black man with the last name Black.

Here’s a news clip describing the situation.

The Jewish media owes Dice and all White men an apology for trying to incite racial hatred against us for the color of our skin.


This case is a fine example of the unreliability of eye witnesses, that they are, in fact the weakest part of any court case.

Four eyewitnesses to this murder swore that a “lanky White male” did it - and of course, the media ran with it 24/7 - NFL players were involved and fake negro Sean King raised $100,000 for the family.

Ditto for the Holohoax - the “eyewitnesses” words was taken as FACT at the Nuremberg Show Trial - with NO cross examination allowed b/c it was deemed by the court to be “too traumatic” - nevermind survivors of rapes and other horrific crimes are cross examined all the time in court.

This is exactly how the false Holohoax narrative was concocted, via eyewitnesses, many of whom were proved to be liars - yet anyone who dares challenge the false narrative is destroyed by Jews.


People generally believe what they want to believe, or what they are taught to believe.