Jews Push Ocasio-Cortez as Face of Democrat Party


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People on the Jew-left think that the Alt-Right or anybody on the right in general is afraid of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. That’s why they’re pushing her as the face of the Democrat Party. But the truth is we welcome her being marketed this way. Her visible presence only makes the entire party look insane and that is a good thing for us.

She was on Stephen Colbert’s show the other day eating Jewish ice cream while promoting Marxist political policies.

She’s also been saying some other crazy things like claiming that we’re all going to be dead in 12 years because of climate change. She also said that she gives zero fucks about the Democrat Party establishment and what they think of her.

But this type of craziness is good. We want the Democrat Party to go full retard and the promoting of AOC as the most visible face of the party is exactly what we want. I want to see more AOC not less.



:heart:Anglin’s jew-wetback Dreamgirl


The New York senator told the liberal Pod Save America podcast Tuesday that “there’s not a lot of details yet behind the Green New Deal” but “the platform of it is really exciting,” and she supports it in her possible presidential bid.

No shit, really? Let us know when jewr brain trust has figured out the details.


The days when Tip O’Neil and Hubert Humphrey were the faces of the Democratic Party are over for good. From now on it will be brown mixed-breeds like Alexandria, Corey and Kamala. And they do NOT like you, Whitey.


The fact she received a standing ovation is revolting. But the people who run the subversive Colbert show probably prep the audience to respond that way.


i don’t think she is young enough, TBH.


“Probably”… Image result for laughing gif



she is such a donkey beaner retard…got my fingers crossed that the jewsnakes run this moron in the 2020 campaign …but then again, what good is Trump? i mean , right?
All of this posturing about ZOG politics is futile…its all nonsensical ,treasonous bullshit.
We shouldn’t be considering caving in our positions at all, and Trump along with the GOP are excellent cuckolded “cavers” who literally never follow through with anything and/or back down from literally everything.
Its so tiring to keep putting and shred of hope or faith into anyone or anything in our nation anymore.
Pretty black -pilling


Somebody tell the Rhodes scholar not to bother


“Until America tells the truth about itself, we’re not going to heal,” Ocasio-Cortez said.



She can’t run until she’s 35.

Also, she’s a Jewess, in case you missed the memo. She pretended to be Hispanic to win votes, you know, because diversity actually cares about the issues and doesn’t vote purely based on identity, or so we’re told.


i totally forgot about that because rules , laws, standards and traditions seem to matter not to the leftist commies and we never hear a peep out of the GOP who are supposedly the white mans party or the party of sanity in some way.
I would be surprised if the narrative doesn’t sway towards the age of office for the presidency should be changed because making beaners niggers or other jewish creeps wait until they are 35 is evil white male patriarchy that only nahtzees believe in…because we all know how the nonwhite third world is so very matriarchal and so willing to change their culture to appease minorities…yeah, yeah, thats real…



Speaking of Anglin here is a photo of him in Nigeria


What I really would like to see is how fast Occasional Cortex can finish a corn on the cob. With those choppers she’d be a hit at any county fair.



details are vague


“She’s the leader,” Mr. Moore said of Ms. Ocasio-Cortez during a recent appearance on MSNBC. “Everybody knows it, everybody feels it. She’s the leader of this mass movement.”