Jews and Leftists Claim Trump's July 4th Event was a Failure


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These Jews and leftists are really upset at Donald Trump’s successful July 4th event. They’re so mad about it that they’re just making shit up and falsely claiming that it was a failure because there was some rain and that few people showed up. They’re promoting conspiracy theories about the National Mall’s webcam being down. They’re also kvetching about a line in Trump’s speech where he misspoke and talked about the Continental Army and airports.

Just look at some of the tweets from these assholes.

Everything about Trump’s little party last night was a massive failure, especially the small crowd size. They weren’t prepared for rain, the glass blurred his awful speech and he wasted a ton of taxpayer dollars. At least Trump baby blimp was there. A true VIP. #TrumpParadeFail

— Scott Dworkin (@funder) July 5, 2019

Gosh, can anyone guess why the webcam on the National Mall was down today?#TrumpParadeFail

— Jon Cooper (@joncoopertweets) July 5, 2019

There are just too many funny #RevolutionaryWarAirports images. Here are some such as the famed "Battle of LaGuardia" to onward to JFK!#TrumpParadeFail

— (((DeanObeidallah))) (@DeanObeidallah) July 5, 2019

Butchered American history

Fenced off a national monument

Fenced of the goddamn reflecting pool

Wasted a TON of money

Turned the 4th into a partisan rally

Wasted military resources

Turned off the cameras to hide his shame #TrumpParadeFail

— Grant Stern (@grantstern) July 5, 2019

Of course there’s all sorts of other insanity being posted under the Twitter hashtag #TrumpParadeFail.

Paul Joseph Watson at least set these retards straight on the crowd size issue. Plenty of people attended the event.

Leftists everywhere claiming huge crowds at July 4 parade were "photoshopped". Here's one from CNN, hardly a fan of Trump.

The sheer level of self-delusion you engage in is beyond belief.#TrumpParadeFail

— Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) July 5, 2019

What you see here is them trying to do historical revisionism on an event that just happened. They’re so butt hurt about the successful event that they’re inventing reasons to attack it. These people truly hate America. It makes me think that they should leave.


That event was awesome. One little bright spot on our nation’s birthday.


i’m not big on military shows but perhaps this is what the American masses need, a heavy dose of patriotism. if it could only be done so that the idiots don’t get confused and think that invading other countries for jews is the right thing to do.