Jewish NYT Writes Op-Ed Crying About Trump's Syria Withdrawal


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The New York Times is a Jewish newspaper that should be raided and shut down by the government. They are a subversive entity that has done great harm to the United States with their sadistic propaganda.

They were one of the key forces in promoting the Iraq war in 2003. Their Jewish writer Judith Miller published all sorts of bullshit material claiming that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and that we had to invade the country otherwise Saddam Hussein was going to nuke us or something. Her work was used by Jewish neocons in the George W. Bush government to make the case for the war which has obviously been an unmitigated disaster on a number of levels.

Fast forward to 2019, and we see them whining about the orange man withdrawing American forces from Syria. They did a whole op-ed from their editorial board on the topic.

Seriously, fuck this evil newspaper. They are not representing the interests of the American people and they are not doing legitimate journalism. They represent the interests of Jews and Israel which is why despite their so-called “liberal” leanings, they have continuously promoted all these retarded foreign wars.

What’s ironic is that the orange man despite making a number of highly questionable decisions, is right now a more anti-war figure than most of the Democrat presidential candidates. Tulsi Gabbard is arguably the only figure on the Democrat side who is legitimately more anti-war than Trump. And she like Trump has not surprisingly been treated horribly by the Jewish media.

Make no mistake about it, the Jewish New York Times is a major supporter of endless wars for Jews and Israel.


These wars are all about Jews…but not about sending THEIR precious sons off to war – getting shot at and coming home in a body bad is for goyim.

Their children get exemptions, don’t you know:

If these loudmouth Jews in the media want war, they should be sent straight to the front lines and made to stay there until the war ends, even if it takes decades.

FFS White people: Stop dying for Israel!!


Shit, you make a good point. If you evade the draft during an “emergency” especially a Jewish one, fuck man, we all be fucked and forced to fight for the kikes! Unless- there’s a mass protest and demand only the Jews go and fight-

I’ll prefer to be in prison- hopefully we’ll be cell mates, bro.

‘But the government can still reinstate the draft in case of a national emergency.’ Source: Selective Service | USAGov




America never leave once they occupy somewhere, they have to stay and enforce Globohomo for infinity.