Jewish Actress Immediately Regrets Apologizing for Being "White"


Originally published at: Jewish Actress Immediately Regrets Apologizing for Being “White” |

Rosanna Arquette a Jewish actress who appeared in the 1990s film Pulp Fiction took to Twitter to apologize for being White.

Shortly after posting the above tweet, she locked her Twitter account.

It’s obvious what happened here. She was flooded with people calling her out as a Jew pretending to be White. Arquette being from an older generation is apparently unaware that there are lots of goyim on the Internet who are aware of this Jewish trick.

As most of you know, Jews love claiming that they are White in order to lecture or shame us. But they aren’t White and consider themselves to be a completely separate racial group. That’s the whole point of this “my fellow White people” routine.

Since these kikes won’t stop doing this shit, I think White people should start pretending that they’re Jewish and tell Jews how they are ashamed of being Jewish. We can also tell Jewish women that they should fuck niggers and have abortions. Maybe we can even convince them that Adolf Hitler was right and that their entire race should be exterminated.


Huh. Every GD time.

She - as the Jew she is - will scurry to Israel as soon as she and her fellow cockroaches are done fucking up our White homelands.

Also notice the account is now locked…


She should apologize for being a disgusting, subversive, rat-faced, kike.