Jew York City


Sometimes this website tells some serious truths around their massive trolling. This is one of those sites Jews definitely want to shut down.

Featuring a completely corrupt government ruled by psychotic con artists (Jews) and equally-psychotic gangsters, a severe problem of homelessness of epidemic proportions, and the highest AIDS rate in the country (50% faggots), New York City is known far and wide as America’s Asshole just behind Detroit (though, at least Detroit is only populated by niggers. Jew York have Jews and Italians who have the intelligence to troll you out of your money). Like all assholes, New York City continually emits gargantuan quantities of waste; it can be seen from over 300 miles away by the seething, grayish butt of filth that continually rises up from the city.

On the last point, isn’t New York always on about how it wants to lead the world in climate change policy?