Jew Retard Chuck Todd Says Russians Hacked the 2016 Election


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For those of you who don’t know who Chuck Todd is, he’s the retarded Jew who moderates Meet the Press. You can see him frequently on NBC and MSNBC.

He actually claimed on Twitter that the Mueller report revealed how the Russians easily hacked the election. And that because of this, politicians should be focusing their energy on this matter.

Curious why the number one response to this report by every elected official isn’t concern about how easily the Russians hacked the election and how way too many Americans cheered this on… and hoped it was true rather than ethically decide it should be stopped

— Chuck Todd (@chucktodd) April 18, 2019

This is a total and complete lie. The Russians did not hack the election. This would have involved them hacking voting machines and manipulating vote totals. None of this happened.

The Mueller report also does not claim the Russians hacked the election. It instead claims that the Russians may have hacked the Democrat Party email servers and John Podesta’s personal email account. But that’s not hacking the election and it doesn’t make a definitive claim on this.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that these claims are largely based on data derived exclusively from a private security company called Crowdstrike whose Chief Technology Officer is a Russian opposed to Vladimir Putin’s government. The Democrats used this firm in the aftermath of their emails getting dumped to give validity to the narrative that the Russians were behind hacking them. The Democrats also refused to turn over their servers to the government for a proper forensics analysis. So any conclusions derived off of this Crowdstrike data are highly questionable.

Furthermore, the Mueller report talks about how a small handful of memes and ads allegedly posted by Russians on social media amounted to election interference. But this is also not hacking. And the number memes and ads allegedly posted by the Russians were so small that it was inconsequential to the outcome of the election.

People on Twitter have called out Todd for promoting this stupid nonsense.

"Hacked the election"?

Podesta emails are not the election

— Yossi Gestetner (@YossiGestetner) April 18, 2019

“Hacked” the election? I’d like to ask if you even know the meaning of the term "hacked,” but the bigger question is; how is a so-called journalist like you, such a hack?

— Edward A Giambalvo (@EdGiambalvo) April 18, 2019

What Chuck Todd and his ilk have transformed into far exceeds hackery. They're professional propagandists, gaslighters and straight up outright liars. That's why only a few hundred thousand Americans tune into to hear what they have to say. People aren't that dumb.

— Munker B. Babers (@munker_b) April 18, 2019

It has been proved Russians did not hack our election. They spent a buck nickel ninety eight on some cheesy Facebook ads. You on the other hand hack the news consistently. Hack.

— Ecklebob Chiselfritz (@RotNScoundrel) April 18, 2019

Todd is just another racial Jew projecting what Jews are doing to the United States onto the Russians. What’s hilarious is that he passes himself off as a hard news man. A hard news man would not be putting out bullshit tweets like this. He is a fraud and another example of a Jew in the media lying to his audience.


Even when their little team of henchmen cannot find anything to support that they keep saying it is. Typical Jew behavior in full view right here. This is that moved some trash to throw it away and saw these roaches moment.