Jew Ben Shapiro Walks Off of BBC News Interview


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The Jew Ben Shapiro represents a new generation of Jews and assorted shills marketing fake conservatism to the American masses. He is not a talented person. He is only in this position because he’s Jewish.

While he might be good at debating retarded college girls who have been indoctrinated with Marxism, he doesn’t do so well against a more serious interviewer. He was interviewed by Andrew Neil on BBC News and ended up walking off the set.

Lots of people on Twitter were saying he got owned. I’m not exactly sure that’s really the case, but he certainly didn’t handle the interview well. He should have at least finished it. The main reason why so many people are talking about the interview is because he walked off the set. He did this while bragging about his alleged popularity.

The incident shows that the Jew Shapiro is not a serious intellectual thinker. Jews are putting increasingly shittier people like Shapiro into key positions and it is not serving them well.


You bet me to i! The jewtube comments are very funny too, still the best part of the kike propaganda machine, I think they will be next on the list so enjoy them while you can.

Supreme Gaming

Supreme Gaming 6 hours ago

facts dont care about your feelings…



That’s how you beat jews, you put them on the spot and bring up the past comments they made and watch them squirm like little rats.


Ben comes across as a neurotic frightened brat completely out of his league when matched with a seasoned professional like Neil.


Neil is a old blob of shit but he can dissect a little worm like this jew easily.


Another example of Jewish control of the media. He recently got the program that comes after Rush in my area (Nevada). I listened to him. Just another loud mouth Jew, like Ronn Owen at KGO in San Francisco. Only talent is the ability to run their mouth. Still amazes me that Rush & Hannity were able to break into national talk radio. I wish there were more like them vs all those loud mouth Jews.