Jack Parsons: 'Sex Magic', Drugs, and Rocket Science



Jack Parsons was into all sorts of weird occult shit. It’s only fitting that he was one of the main people involved with founding JPL which is of course tied in closely with NASA.


JP’s widow

After Parsons’ death in an explosion at their home in 1952, Cameron came to suspect that her husband had been assassinated and began rituals to communicate with his spirit. Moving to Beaumont, she established a multi-racial occult group called The Children, which dedicated itself to sex magical rituals with the intent of producing mixed-race “moon children” who would be devoted to the god Horus.


That wikipedia page is like a spittoon of all the worst Jew cultural garbage imaginable. Wow. I’ve actually seen her in the film Night Tide, even knew she was a bit of a nut (she plays a sort of witch in the film); but wow, I had no idea.