Israel’s Yad Vashem Admits List of “Holocaust Victims” Isn’t “Accurate”



Lot of people on that list who’re still living, died in car accidents, died in old age, never existed, so on.

If you were a Jew and died of any cause anywhere in North Africa or Europe between 1933 and 1945, you’re probably in this list.

Jew Dad to Jew son “Uncle Barruch vuz a holocaust victim.”

JS “But didn’t he die at 87 from a heart attack in Algiers while fucking a black boy he bought?”

JD “It vuz ze stress of ze Nazis and Hitler though.”


Wasn’t too long ago that Yad Yashem had a post on their site which said 1.2 million names were on their list.


Jews as a whole are not ‘accurate’ and therefore need to be returned to their pre-amoebic existence.