Israel Grinds to Halt as Jews Commemorate Their Holocaust Hoax


You have a second chance here. We will see how you proceed.


Lighten up dude. As a content creator myself, I don’t mind if my work gets spread around. It’s all for the greater good. I don’t sit around like a kike obsessing over my copyright and whether somebody cost me a shekel or two.


lol… and all three done by JEWS.


yes, Brother Nathaniel encourages everyone to share his videos.


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the foolish goyim are falling for this crap. i have a smart woman friend who’s totally into the jew guilt-trip. they actually get a dopamine rush from feeling the pain and suffering of others. it’s a sickness.

and to prove to the Germanic Goyim that the murder of their relatives was justified.

“it’s easier to fool someone than to convince them that they’ve been fooled.”
-Mark Twain-