Iraqi Military Parade Celebrating Victory Over ISIS


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Both Iraq and Syria are celebrating the destruction of the Islamic State. Here’s the Iraqi victory parade.


Then every single Muslim refugee needs to be returned “toot sweet” since ISIS has been defeated and Syria is now safe for them.

GTFO of White homelands.


The problem is those “Syrian refugees” come from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Nigeria, etc. Anywhere but Syria, which has a large White minority.


Yes, but they all claim to be “Syrians” b/c of the “war” - that’s how a lot of these shitskins got into Germany.

Translators said they didn’t have a Syrian accents, and Syrian passports were being sold and passed around like trading cards.

Germans took it all, Americans too, I suspect - ZOG is trying to force as many of these beasts upon us as possible.

It’s become a joke.


The guy that cuts my hair is from Syria - he’s blond and blue-eyed and so are his daughters. He told me he once owned the largest salon in Damascus and was very wealthy - took trips to Europe every summer, had a large home in a wealthy neighborhood, etc. He’s also a Christian.

He escaped about five years ago, said he lost everything he had, his business, his bank accounts and was terrified for his life. He has relatives he hasn’t heard from and doesn’t know if they’re alive or dead.

He tells me every time I see him how grateful he is for America and the American people.