Houston Race Hoax Exposed


For the last week or so the Jazmine Barnes murder has been featured on the nightly news. The story goes that Barnes’ mother was leaving a Walmart parking lot when a White man, complete with blue eyes (this detail was seen by the surviving niglets in the back seat of a moving car), opened fire on their car, killing young Jazmine and wounding sheboon mom.

The media was overcome with joy at the thought of a homicidal White man, probably wearing a MAGA hat, bumping off niglets at random. So sad for them, a suspect has been arrested:

“Investigators identified Eric Black Jr., 20, as a suspect based on a tip. He was arrested and has admitted to taking part in the shooting, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement early Sunday.”

Here is an article with the original Aryan suspect sketch: This sketch could lead to the driver who gunned down a 7-year-old girl | WTVR.com

Here is the real killer, the ironically named Eric Black Jr: Man charged with murder in Houston girl's death | Boston.com


Concerned Jew, check:

crime victims’ advocate Andy Kahan

Sheila Jackson Weave, check:

United States Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Leigh (D) said the murder appears to have been a hate crime.

Spic sheriff, check:

Sheriff Ed Gonzalez spoke at the rally

White suspect who actually exists: not present


I’m sure this will go down the Memory Hole fast, along with the Torrance, CA bowling alley massacre.

I knew the jig was up when the keeds in the back seat described the suspect as blue-eyed. As if one can discern eye color of a person in a moving vehicle while sitting in a moving vehicle while simultaneously being under fire. :rofl: Stupid niggers.


Stirring up hatred against white blue-eyed men for profit and publicity; how disappointing for them that the real killer was caught this time.


Andrew Anglin when did you leave Africa



Wesley Snipes and Chris Tucker’s love child


“This is no longer a Houston case,” Lee told the crowd. “Someone has made the point that Jasmine is everyone’s child. She is the nation’s child. She is seen around the world.”

Members of the public expressed their confusion on Twitter.

Gonzalez said that authorities had identified a second suspect, but were still verifying some information. He thanked Shaquille O’Neal, DeAndre Hopkins, and activist Shaun King for helping “raise awareness.”

“We know that there’s an important discussion that does need to take place about race,” he said. “We also need to talk about gun violence.”

Before taking questions, Gonzalez pleaded with the public to “put the guns down.”


I must say that the sketch artist is quite talented.


there is no hope what so ever for these stupid niggers.


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I just read that the mother knew the killer, who fired at the car because she was leaving without paying him for drugs.


Could it be the coloreds are actually de-volving back to some earlier pre-human anthropoid?


I agree, that sketch artist is like another John Singer Sargent. Usually police and courtroom sketch artists aren’t exactly known for the quality of their work.