Homeless Start to Takeover San Francisco's Airport


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San Francisco is a city littered with drug addicts, insane homeless niggers and filth. This plague is now threatening to overrun San Francisco’s airport which is actually several miles away from the city center.


San Francisco is struggling with a surge of homeless people seeking shelter inside San Francisco International Airport.

San Francisco International Airport welcomes the world to the City by the Bay, but the airport said homeless people have discovered the airport as a temporary shelter; especially in the early morning hours after the last BART train has pulled into the airport. An airport official said they’re working on a short term and long-term solution

Officials said their contacts with homeless people has surged; the airport already working to get them move along.

At this point, you’d need to deploy right-wing death squads into the city to clean out all the genetic waste plaguing it. Alternatively, you could just nuke the city and its inhabitants and rebuild from scratch. These seem to be the two best ways to restore San Francisco into a safe and functioning city.

If there are better options I’d be open to hearing them.


I´m not a fan of Watson, but this video was pretty impressive.


Nah bruh, I want them to keep going on their present course. As a matter of fact I want them to double, no triple down on insanity. They deserve nothing less. I hope the same for the rest of my State. The only thing that will wake folks up and depose these rat puppet politicians smiling their faggot plastic smiles on TV and saying everything’s wonderful and your a bigot for saying otherwise is for the place to start resembling a Stalker; Shadow of Chernobyl landscape. Only then will folks wake up. The one little bit of fear I have with that is; will that even do it?


yes, a Neutron Bomb is a much better option. no need destroying the magnificent infrastructure.


Some type of modified Spanish Flu virus


i was born in Southern California and grew up there until i was in my early 20s…once i had a family of my own i knew it was time to leave but we had a few obstacles.
Eventually we left and would never go back…
Its a sad state of affairs that could’ve been avoided.
All that ever had to be done to avoid this massive wave of the third world was one simple thing, nothing for free to anyone who isn’t a citizen.
If these illegals couldn’t get jobs, cars, housing, schooling or medical treatment then they would not find it attractive to come to america to starve and die on a bench in front of a hospital…but altruism has infected this nation like a disease.


stemming from the ‘teachings’ of Jesus THE JEW.


Yes it has. Our kindness is definitely our weakness. Without the Jew in the equation it can be a very good thing. Give sympathy and shelter to that fucker and niggers and every other primitive on the planet comes with him and it makes a recipe for disaster