Hell Hath no Fury Like Trump Scorned


there are some really really amazing things happening simultaneously. most recently Trump made a power-play at the Bush funeral distributing “disturbing” messages to THE SWAMP. it was so dramatic that Jebby looked like his pet turtle died when he saw it and Dubbya had this look of resigned dread. THE JIG IS UP!. the videos of the Bush Funeral are all over youtube if you haven’t seen them…

Also the death of evil, daddy Bush meant that the head of The Swamp serpent has been lopped. this will put the underling Swamp Creatures on notice of a “sea change” in their respective departments. no one from The Swamp can now rescue them from Trump.

at the same time Trump has declared a war on child traffickers and pornographers. this i believe is designed to go after his child molesting enemies like Creepy Uncle Joe and The Clintons. it gives our government more resources and power to investigate and arrest. it’s no coincidence that Trump made this a top priority despite the obvious urgency to save kids from adult psychopaths…

AND 9/11 grand jury will soon convene to scrutinize the mountains of evidence that The Trade Towers were rigged with explosives. ( link below… ) this is HUGE… The Grand Jury will have the powers of Courts and prosecutors to question everyone involved. the reason that this is so profoundly important is because if the BushCo 9/11 terrorists and their henchmen are NOT brought to justice, The Swamp will remain intact and strike again and again…



I bet the Trump tower is already rigged with thermal reactors on its support beams waiting for a second 9/11… Be aware, Trump! Do some 3rd party inspection on your buildings!


trump might be an asshole but he’s not evil like BushCo. besides, the real 9/11 terrorists will be arrested soon.


There’s too many swamp creatures out there plotting… Trump need to cleanse as fast as possible