Happy Cinco de Mayo! Ole! (Mexican Hate Thread)


It’s Cinco de Mayo, guys.

Viva la cucaracha!




Deport all Hispanic trash back to the Turd world they came from.


Cinco de Mayo is an in your face " Whitey" meme. Literally nobody celebrates it in Mexico.
More popularly celebrated in the ((((United States)))) than Mexico, the date has become associated with the celebration of Mexican -(((American culture))).

A typical California back yard on the 6 de Mayo in Sunny So Cal…

Lots of food stamps going to get used today here…





A coincidence ?

Karl Marx’s birthday (5 de Mayo de 1818).
Cinco de Mayo also celebrated the 200th birthday of Karl Marx last year


Avoid the Mexicans, especially this time of year- they might pulla big stinky fart on your face from all that bean and spic beer feast!