Happy 130th Birthday to Adolf Hitler


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Today is April 20th and that means it is the 130th birthday of Adolf Hitler. Before I became completely aware of the menace that is the Jew, I looked at Hitler much differently. I perceived him negatively not because he allegedly stuffed six million Jews in shower room gas chambers, but because I saw a man who seized power, became a dictator and led his people to destruction in World War II.

My initial perceptions of Hitler were based on incomplete information and after I became politically active, it took me a few years before discovering and understanding the truth. Fortunately it is now much easier to learn the truth because of the immense volume of information that is accessible. It’s a big reason why the Jews are doing everything in their power to restrict and limit the free flow of information on the Internet.

In the early part of the 20th century, Germany had been ruined by Jews primarily through their orchestration of World War I. The Jews managed to convince Woodrow Wilson to bring the United States into the war which ultimately led to Germany’s defeat. Wilson not surprisingly was also the same fool who signed the legislation that established the parasitical Jewish banking system known as the Federal Reserve in 1913. The British agreed to give Palestine over to the Jews via the Balfour declaration in exchange for bringing the Americans into the war. This was the basic genesis of what eventually led to the formation of Israel in 1948.

Following the war, Germany had all sorts of problems. The Treaty of Versailles forced them to pay enormous war reparations. You also had hyperinflation and widespread societal degeneracy throughout the country. Much of these problems were due to Jewish subversion in the press and the culture itself. Hitler astutely documented much of this in Mein Kampf. What’s happening in America today, is not all that much different than what was happening in Germany during Hitler’s time in the 1920s.

Faced with this situation, he had no choice but to seize control of the country so it could be freed from the Jewish menace. Upon taking power, Germany achieved tremendous domestic prosperity. And contrary to what foolish boomers on Fox News ramble on about, Hitler was not a socialist. The term “National Socialism” was just a branding he adopted to promote his political party. He was a right-wing nationalist and he implemented all sorts of nationalist policies which encouraged the creation of families, Christianity and Germanic culture. He also did not enact gun control on his people. He only banned Jews from owning guns because Jews were the force responsible for subverting and ruining Germany.

Because Hitler managed to push Jews out of power in Germany, they plotted revenge and used their financial, political and media clout to get the British, the Russians and the Americans to wage war against them. They whipped up support for a large war after Hitler invaded Poland following a number of Germans getting killed alongside the German-Polish border. His invasion of Poland was ordered to help keep his people safe but this was used by the Jewish press to depict Hitler as a war mongering madman.

The rest is history of course. Germany lost World War II which marked a major victory for international Jewry. Israel was established shortly thereafter and the Jews used their media enterprises to promote all sorts of anti-German lies. The most infamous of these lies is the Holocaust hoax which falsely claims that Hitler ordered six million Jews be gassed in shower rooms so they could be turned into lampshades and cleaning products. No such thing ever happened because there is no physical evidence proving that it did. It is an enormous Jewish lie from a race of individuals known for their use of big lies. Many of their Holocaust claims are so absurd that it defies all logical comprehension. The people who died in German concentration camps died because the Germans could no longer supply them following relentless attacks by the allied forces which opposed them.

The reason why everything is so fucked up today is because Germany lost World War II. Had Hitler managed to lead Germany to victory in World War II, we would not be living in what has been popularly referred to as clown world. All of the cultural rot we are dealing with today is a direct result of Jews using their control over media and entertainment to push increasingly more bizarre and degenerate ideas. The acceptance of race-mixing, faggot behavior, trannies and other weird shit is a direct result of the Jew and their societal influence.

Hitler stood against all of this insanity and because of that his birthday deserves to be celebrated each and every year.






Pics from the Fuhrers 50th birthday parade.


He was a great man and a visionary, arguably a martyr. The lies surrounding him cannot be sustained indefinitely, especially with the ruinous policies his enemies are forcing on us all.



Excellent commentary, Mr. Stormer. It should be reprinted in the NY Times op-ed page. We cannot and will not forget the Fuhrer or his heroic efforts to Make Germany Great Again. It feels as if he should have won and that the world we are living in is some kind of strange, terrible alternate universe where it didn’t happen.



Yes, it struck me as quite elegant prose as I read it, also.


He certainly left a Legacy…

Happy birthday Mein Führer. One of the greatest Men to live. His will to fight and preserve our people is greater than that of almost all people, a person may die but an idea can’t and in his death he gave us a torch to pass on.


this is why i have little patience for ignorant people. we now have the internet and can research EVERYTHING with ease. jew trolls condemn internet truths because it’s in stark contrast to their historical lies which, before now, went largely unchallenged.

YES but it’s worse now but continues only because jew banksters are propping-up a faltering economy by diluting the enormous debt throughout the world. this game will come to a head soon then we will see if The American People finally wise-up.

and to create a buffer between Germany and the Commie lunatic, Stalin.


And contrary to what foolish boomers on Fox News ramble on about, Hitler was not a socialist.

There’s that same narrative which can be found on DailyStormer and StormFront: that Hitler was not a socialist. So he didn’t say that the healthiest Germans were found under the socialist sway?

The term “National Socialism” was just a branding he adopted to promote his political party.

He said that he had closely monitored the Christian Socialist and Pan-German movements. He called out the latter for neglecting contact with the people.

So the swastika was just a branding? His anti-Semitism was just rhetorical? Where does his propaganda begin and end I wonder?

He was a right-wing nationalist and he implemented all sorts of nationalist policies which encouraged the creation of families, Christianity and Germanic culture.

Conservatives and reactionary elements constituted the final resistance to Hitler’s rise to power, as well as his decline (the July 20 plot).

Fought communism
Banned pornography
Banned homosexuality
Banned abortion
Banned Jews
Protected the nation from international finance
Defended the family
Defended Christianity
Defended the German and general European culture

All of these listed points are merits of individuals, never a worldview on it’s own.


Welcome. @Janus You forgot one though.


Heil Hitler/1488


This is a great article in honour of the FĂĽhrer. It is good to see he gets the recognition he deserves, despite all the lies and defamation.
Surely he is watching now from Valhalla and is happy about his loyal supporters who appreciate his great legacy.

Happy Birthday Onkel Adolf. Du warst der Beste!
Der Kampf geht weiter… Heil Hitler


A Birthday Serenade, from the Führer’s favorite composer…


There is a reason why the best composers are German.


Austrian but so was you know who.


@BasedBemidji Austria, or Ostreich, was part of Germany’s Holy Roman Empire until it broke away in 12th century, correct?


I listened to the whole lot of that, great!


Greatest man of the 20th Century, happy 130th Adolph.