Greece: Invading Migrants Rush the Border


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The third world is invading the West everywhere we look. A large group of invading migrants just tried to rush Greece’s border. They were eventually pushed back by police who deployed tear gas against them.


Hundreds of protesting migrants clashed with police for a third straight day in northern Greece on Saturday, with migrants throwing rocks at officers who responded with tear gas and stun grenades.

Authorities say the demonstrations outside a migrant camp in Diavata have been triggered by false reports on social media that restrictions on travel to northern Europe had been lifted.

Several migrants, including children, fainted amid the clouds of tear gas Saturday. The protesters have lit fires to make the air more bearable, but blazes have also erupted from exploding stun grenades. In Athens, migrants left a main railway station after blocking trains on Friday and services resumed Saturday.

Greek officials say the migrants have been mobilized by false reports originating on social media that the road to central Europe, tightly sealed to migrants for three years, is open again, and that buses chartered by non-governmental organizations are waiting on the other side of the border with North Macedonia, about 60 kilometers (40 miles) to the north of Diavata.

I say fuck these people. We should just shoot them dead and let Allah sort the rest out. These savages offer nothing to us. They are here to invade and destroy our societies. This tactic seems to work very well for Israel and it can work for our countries as well. We just need our leaders to stop being a bunch of pussies about this. There’ll be nothing left to defend if this continues.


This new big flesh storm could escalate like the situation back in 2015. The filthy invaders even use the same mean tactics again which they used against the Hungarian police forces in 2015: The men push the few women and children to the front against the police, which causes some dramatic footage making the police looking very bad. And while the police refuses to use full force against the women and children, the men try to break through with extreme violence.

Those greedy bastards are even abusing their women and children to achieve their goals. Hopefully they won’t be successful this time. It’s time to strike back with full force. We owe them nothing. It’s not our fault when these savages are breeding like maniacs and turn their homelands into dirty violent shitholes.
This is our soil and our heritage. Here is no place for filthy murderers and rapists.


one can only imagine what would happen if whites did this in Mid-East countries.