Google Document Encourages Employees to Protest Trump


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Project Veritas has just obtained an internal Google document that encourages its employees to “resist” the evil orange Hitler man in the White House. They specifically encourage their employees to support leftist political causes.


An exhaustive “how-to” guide for Google employees who’d like to protest but don’t know how has been leaked by Project Veritas, further destroying the company’s claims it is apolitical after the leak of an incriminating video.

Titled “The Beginner’s Guide to Protesting (#GooglersUnite),” the document instructs burgeoning activists in everything from protest chants to proper protesting attire. Its stated purpose is to “ensure that everyone feels comfortable and pumped about [email protected] marches/protests” – suggesting that such activism was not only encouraged by Google but also backed by the company, using company resources.

While it’s unclear how extensively the document was circulated inside Google, the use of company email to organize protests and the fact that ready-to-print protest signs were stored on company servers appear to directly contradict Google’s protestations that the company is ideologically neutral. It clearly refers to multiple protests – employees are advised to “debrief afterwards with [email protected]” to discuss what could be “improved for next time.”

The document lists example slogans employees might use on their protest signs, including “No Ban No Wall,”“Refugees Welcome,”“Resist,”“#GooglersUnite,” and “Don’t Be Evil,” the increasingly ironic motto Google quietly discarded during a 2015 reorganization. It even offers a list of possible chants, similarly geared toward opposing immigration restrictions, with the admonition that “there’s nothing more sad than when a protest looks like a quiet group of folks hobbling through the streets.” Thus Google is not just encouraging employees to protest, but telling them what to protest.

While CEO Sundar Pichai has insisted “we do not bias our products to favor any political agenda,” Googler Jen Gennai was caught on hidden camera discussing how the company was working to prevent another “Trump situation” in 2020, and another employee was filmed explaining how the company’s Orwellian “fairness” algorithm alters search results to correct reality’s “bias,” in a video released earlier this week by Project Veritas. That video was removed from YouTube, which is owned by Google, due to a “privacy claim by a third party.”

The protest email, along with another email leaked by Project Veritas this week in which the company’s “transparency and ethics” group suggests content by popular conservative channels PragerU, Jordan Peterson, and Ben Shapiro should be disabled from YouTube’s suggestion feature because they are “nazis,” belies Pichai’s protestations, as well as Gennai’s insistence that she was merely goaded into using “imprecise language” in the leaked video.

The full document can be downloaded here.

Google is literally the most powerful technology company to ever exist and we have hard documented evidence showing conclusively that they have internal programs in place to interfere with the 2020 presidential election. A Google employee was even caught on video admitting that they are doing things to help prevent another “Trump situation” in 2020. They’re manipulating their search algorithms in blatantly corrupt and immoral ways.

But we don’t hear any outrage about this blatant attempt to interfere with our electoral system from the Jewish press. Instead, we only hear outrage about how Russians were fucking with our election for allegedly posting shit-tier memes on Facebook. This despite the fact that these stupid memes had no impact on the outcome of the 2016 election.

Google is in the process of shutting down any and all political speech that remotely disagree with official Jewish narratives. Not even Jewish fake conservative shills like Ben Shapiro are immune. That’s how insane things have gotten.

If something isn’t done about Google and these other Silicon Valley behemoths in short order, the Internet as it was originally envisioned will be gone. This site and others like it will be banished and will only exist on the dark web.


I’ll say it again: All this censorship going on at every level of society along with most of our politicians’ mouths glued to the Zionist cock bodes very bad for the rest of us. These mother-fuckers would genocide us already but don’t quite have the power to carry that out YET…


Anyone that buys one of these devices and sets it up in their home deserves everything they get when it reports them to the authorities.