Good news- China bans all forms of fentanyl


Another proof that the Chinese cares about the whites! They know that we are the best race on Earth, worth preserving.


Will they build a wall for us? Serious question.


probably not a good idea


I guess that’s what they mean by ‘horizontal skyscraper’.


Yeah, my friend from China told me that happened because the contractor skimped on materials for maximum profits. See the anchors are so shallow. Vast majority of chinks has a 3rd world mindset. Many of “famous” skyscrapers in China has a white man or teams as the architect.


That is one of the things that Xi has been cracking down on. You can guarantee that heads would have literally rolled for this (and organs harvested). It’s like that building that collapsed in Nigeria a few weeks ago, you could see that the concrete was crumbling like sand. The local Wakandan’s must have been doing some cost cutting with the cement.


this isn’t “good news”, it’s more failed ‘drug war’ policies. the morons at the DEA got tough on doc prescribing ‘opioids’ threatening them with imprisonment and that dried up a very safe supply of happy-pills for depressed America. so some smart guys make a very potent and deadly synthetic opioid to meet the demands of the consumer. NOW it’s a crisis that needs Federal Government intervention. see how this works? the very same people who INTENTIONALLY caused the problem have a solution. MORE GOVERNMENT, MORE DRUG RAIDS, MORE THUGS IN BODY ARMOR…

anyone who thinks that this will be a long-term solution to the SYNTHETIC opioid crisis can’t learn from history. The prohibition of marijuana created the production of synthetic marijuana they called, Spice which was much much more powerful. -more like an acid trip-. so then they have to outlaw, Spice… be careful what you ask for…


i’ve got chinese high-rise condos for sale, CHEAP but you had better hurry, this deal won’t last long.


They are building replica cities for us!

We can move in as long as we become slave to the Chinese government and live under their jackboot:

Replication of Hallstatt, Austria

Their idea of Venice, Italy

An “English” village

“Paris” in China

Switzerland’s Interlaken

A fishing village was raised for “Manhattan”


Well that what China is doing is an good start. I know the “Gestapo style” crackdown in drugs are failing, but does make some dents from time to time. Only idiots take the hard drugs. That should weed out the idiots from the pool. But there’s the opioid crisis that affecting mostly whites. You can blame the Sacklers for peddling these awful posion to doctors that are indoctrinated to dole out the posion.


How much?? Which city??


These must be part of their “salvation of white race” agenda. They are preparing for our exodus from the West. I feel that it’ll happen eventually.


the “opioid crisis” is fabricated. i have a paralyzed friend who has been on opiods for decades. the drugs eased his pain and gave him a much needed ‘happy’ boost. his doc was threatened by the evil DEA and now he has to take some evil prescription poison for his pain instead of a tried and true SAFE, natural opioid.


I see. Everyone have a different response to opoids. My grandma was prescribed morphine for last two weeks of life due to stage 4 cancer in bone and was in great pain. She initially refused to take it, but after she took it , a few days she was a different person afterwards, she begged for MORE morphine. I knew her as a tough woman, able to tolerate great pain and wished to die at her bed in home rather being drugged. But my aunt defied her wish and authorized the drugging of my beloved grandma. Such an asshole she is! She died in 2 weeks after being drugged. Opioids are just plain addictive no matter what form, natural or artificial. I do really feel bad for your friend, really.
I took an oxycontin one time from a friend who had an prescription. Man it was only time I took it, sure feels good but luckily I did not get addicted to it because it was only one time. Many of my college friends (whites) took opioids from stolen prescription meds, many of then never took back on track with their lives again. They wasted their lives not getting women and kids and ended up getting a dead end jobs. At least fentanyl is horrible alternative to opioids so that should be be banned globally