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—Treasure, who favored white dolls even as a child and played with black dolls only to use them as slaves.—

if 65% white, Don Lemmon and Obama can call themselves a “black man” then this black girl with a smidgen of white blood can call herself “white”. it’s likely that she has more white blood than Elizabeth Warren has Native America blood so i say go for it. maybe it will catch on and blacks with white blood will eschew their savage genes and embrace civility. it’s about time…

but guess what? she’s not the only black who wants to get away from their fellow blacks and live like civilized whites. more and more blacks are fleeing their own crime ridden black neighborhoods and moving to safe, clean white areas. black ladies are straightening their hair like never before. black men are learning to speak like white men instead of marble-mouthed morons. it’s long overdue but i still don’t want them living in my neighborhood BECAUSE their DNA has yet to catch-up to their civil desires. they will have to wait a thousand years or so for that to happen.


That colored girl could definitely have some White ancestry struggling to assert itself. Although quite dark - darker than her mother, in fact - her features and overall demeanor are not those of a common Negro.

So what do you call the opposite of a wigger - Blightey? Nigcracker?


This girl is better than an average negress but that’s not saying much.


The only good ones are dead , period.


I couldn’t help but think of Jews when I saw this. Swarthy kinky haired orientals larping as Europeans, some passing as white with a higher admixture of human genes (such as Jewish supermodel Amy Schumer) but culturally these child sacrificing enemies of Christian culture have less in common with Western civilization than this crazy black chick.


In a perfect world, a dead nigger will always be an idea situation; however, reading this post, really does take it one step further, especially in this Internet technology age, where people can become anybody they want, without really showing who they are.

In this case, this nigger bitch went in front of the world, and spoke the truth about her own race, and was very proud in doing that.

I used to work with a nigger, who wanted to make a difference in his neighborhood, so he became a snitch for the cops, and he testified in open court, sending a lot of his own people to prison…He got no money for what he did, but the cops that he worked with, passed the word around about his outstanding work, to other cops and white people within the court system.

Seeing him take our side not just in a way where it was all talk. But with his actions, is what we need to see more niggers doing.

It would be nice to see more niggers really stepping up and not only showing us that they really want to change, but to their own race as well…Other niggers have to see them turn their back on them, in order to get any of the others to come along with them.


They call them Coconuts,black outside and white on the inside!!!


She says a lot of things in this video that are spot on…

" Remember the Black teen who went on Dr. Phil saying she was White? Her alleged sister took to social media to reveal it was all fake; the 16-year-old just wanted to become a “meme” and her mother went along with it to get an all-expense paid trip to California."