Germany: Failed Synagogue Shooting Gets Livestreamed on Twitch


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Somebody in Germany just tried to livestream themselves doing a mass shooting in a synagogue but failed miserably. They couldn’t even get into the synagogue they targeted for their shooting rampage and they stupidly shot out the tires on their car. There’s a whole thread about the fiasco over at Kiwi Farms.

The Daily Stormer also has a fairly lengthy article about the particulars.

The end result is that the shooter failed to kill any Jews but ended up killing some fat woman and a random haji inside a store.

Here’s a link to an archive of the stream which as of the time of writing is still live. It will undoubtedly be pulled down at some point.

While I can’t say 100 percent what was going on with this guy, my first impression is that he was just retarded. He obviously didn’t think through his plan very well. Others have speculated that this was some type of operation by German intelligence due to how ridiculous this was. He may have even had a handler instructing him to do this shit. There is however no solid proof of this.

At least when Brenton Tarrant did his self defense initiative in New Zealand several months back, he was well prepared, trained and had a good idea of what he wanted to achieve. The end result was fairly high score versus this situation which ended in a very low score. And Tarrant’s stream of him shooting all those Moslems was actually humorous and entertaining. This stream was none of those things. It was just a series of retarded failures.

Unfortunately, this stupid event is going to be used by Angela Merkel to justify some sort of major crackdown on right-wing groups.


Let´s be honest. We don´t like fat woman.


Of course nobody is calling for Twitch to be taken down.


Yeah and that’s because it is owned by Amazon and Jeff Bezos.