George Soros is backing Greta Thunberg



Soros will have her leading sperg-femen in two years.


Was there ever any doubt? How does a nobody schoolgirl go from obscurity to international fame in a matter of days? Speaking at the UN and all. Had to be ZOG behind her providing funds and media coverage…

Nothing more than a useful idiot and Jew shill…


Must be a Jew. Very ugly like one


This leftist puppet is even listed on IMDB .


This girl is an emotional cripple who needs therapy and may hurt herself soon. The parents and (((everyone else))) involved in this need to be investigated for child abuse.

This whole act reminds me of the movie Network. In that movie, an old, delusional news anchor is allowed to rant on television for better ratings. He’s obviously sick and instead of helping him get treatment, the news company exploits his insanity.


Imagine what her Encyclopaedia Dramatica page would look like.


No shit??? Who could have EVER figured out georgie sorry soros had anything to do with this,…I AM SHOCKED, i tell you, shocked!!


Don’t forget old Uncle Joe…





If you are very knowledgeable of Jewish semantics- there’s the answer.
(((Luisa-Marie Neubauer)))