Gavin Newsom Promises to Turn California Into an Even Bigger Shithole


Originally published at: Gavin Newsom Promises to Turn California Into an Even Bigger Shithole |

While it is hard to imagine California becoming an even bigger shithole than it already is, it is undoubtedly going to become just that. California’s new Governor Gavin Newsom during his inauguration speech promised to turn it into the biggest dump imaginable. He literally wants the state to be a sanctuary for any and all third world savages who arrive. His entire speech outlined a state wide agenda based around principles that would have been fully endorsed by Karl Marx himself.

This man is a nut. He’s a former San Francisco mayor and greatly responsible for the mess that city has become. Now he’s going to do the same thing to California.

At least there was a protester who interrupted him taking the oath of office with his “first partner” lol.

That protester is actually more qualified to be governor than this asshole Newsom. The fact that millions of people voted for this fool is proof that California is lost as a state. It is a cesspit of wealthy Jews who run Silicon Valley and Hollywood alongside hordes of genetic waste from the third world. It along with its 55 electoral votes should be forced out of the United States. There is no hope for it.

California is basically the real life science fiction mix of the movies Escape from L.A. and Demolition Man put together.


How disgraceful to use that child as a prop, even as he sells out his future.


Thanks to Gerrymandering and an endless flood of brown sludge, California is officially a one party state. This communist human debris is Jerry Brown on steroids. And guess what? He’s pushing through a bill ,the so-called State Bill 562, that will give illegal brown people free medical., i.e. 100% free medical, free dental, free eye care and breast implants if they so choose. This measure will invite every turd world prick on the planet to invade California.


Poor kid. Needs a better home.


I hope his kids grow up to hate his guts for what he has done to their future and their race.


They are 1 trillion in debt and still find the funds to do this stupid charade ‘ceremony’.


What concerns me is all the white liberals (more like Marxists) will flee the state in droves. They may end up heading east to the American Redoubt (Eastern Oregon & Washington, Northern Idaho, Montana & Wyoming) & start fucking things up there, too. Many of you know about the American Redoubt as a safe haven for conservative white people who have fled to the region because of the very same shit now being pulled in Kalifornia & the big cities throughout the FUSA. All I can say, don’t give them the satisfaction. Stand your ground!


yes, it’s not surprising that a few people are crazy but incredible that they garner millions of supporters… “Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out.” .