Fury as Twitter and YouTube promote 'Wales-based' neo-Nazi 'Radio Aryan' station that defended the New Zealand mosque gunman's hate-filled views


“The station has broadcast claims that black people ‘prefer witchdoctors’ over hiring lawyers and pornography is a ‘Jewish enterprise’ intended to damage non-Jews.”


Fury? Is there really fury? lol

They’re just trying to purge everyone now. Sven’s operation isn’t all that large and they’ve deployed the full forces of mainstream media to shut him down. Shit is just getting crazier and crazier.


Daily Mail is laughable , its a 100% Zionist rag, and in typical jewish journalist fashion they love cheap sensationalism.


What’s worse is that they use the same terms over and over again. They always claim there’s either “fury” or “outrage” even though they can’t really point to anybody who is specifically all that angry about whatever they’re whining about.


The labour party anti-semitism hype was more of the same tactic, just like the 6,000,000 jews stories from the early 1900’s.


@richter88 I think those news clips are important but I think the fact that FDR de Gaulle and Churchill never once mention a holocaust is more of a blow than old news clips.


But were’s the lie?


Just out of curiosity, do you ever listen to Radio Aryan?



Yeah, I’m a long-time listener since before “Radio Aryan” even existed.


No but I should give it a go.



On a related note, their Radio show is hard to listen to with the site layout and the shows on a rolling ‘feed’.

They need to lay things out a bit and improve on the layout.


Dr. Johnson’s podcasts are particulaly good.