French actress Valentine Monnier accuses Oscar winning director Roman Polanski of raping her 'extremely violently' when she was 18 in alleged attack in a Swiss ski chalet in 1975


Jews persecuted Mel Gibson for telling a few home truths while drunk yet this guy never gets a bad word from his fellow acolytes.


Many of the same people who demand that the charges against the jew animal Polanski be dropped and forgotten will demand that a 90 year old German go on trial on trumped up charges that he was a guard at a concentration camp during World War Two.


(((They))) really circle the wagons around Polanski. Maybe he’s some secret high level jew occult priest?

I bet if someone dug really deep into this creeps past, they would find a lot more rape victims and probably snuff movies.

Sharon Tate must have been the most naive woman on the planet.


Well he got away with it once - and he has American “celebrities” like Whoopie Goldberg defending him - claiming it wasn’t “rape-rape.”

Great of Don Jr. to call out this black hypocrite on The View yesterday -

Trump Jr. then turned to Goldberg and accused HER of downplaying fugitive child rapist Roman Polanski's criminal conduct.

‘Whoopi, you’ve said Roman Polanski… it wasn’t ‘rape-rape’ when he raped a child.’

Goldberg looked aghast at being confronted about her own words back in 2009, when she was heavily criticized for defending Polanski who drugged, raped and sodomized a 13-year-old girl, then fled America to escape justice.

‘I know it wasn’t rape-rape,’ she said then. ‘It was something else.’

Should have been made to answer for her hypocrisy. He also got the execrable Behar for appearing in blackface - and then denying it.


He was cheating on her all over Europe - and she knew it.

Her friends said the marriage was in trouble and would have been broken up by the end of that year if she hadn’t been murdered.