Fire Department Shut Down Because Firefighter Joined "The Proud Boys"


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Fighting racism is more important than fighting fires. Just ask the local government officials in the Pennsylvania township of Haverford. They’ll tell you what’s up.

NBC News:

A Pennsylvania fire company was closed by town officials on Wednesday after the company’s leadership refused to address that one of its volunteer firefighters was affiliated with the extremist group the Proud Boys.

Officials in Haverford Township, in Delaware County, were informed on Aug. 12 that a volunteer with the Bon Air Fire Company was affiliated with “an organization described as an extremist group,” the township’s manager David Burman wrote in a statement released Thursday.

The township immediately launched an investigation, which included interviewing the volunteer, who admitted he was involved with the Proud Boys, Burman said. The volunteer revealed he had attended social gatherings hosted by the group and had passed two of the group’s four initiation steps, “which includes hazing.”

Burman’s statement quoted the group’s “self-proclaimed basic tenet,” posted on their website, that they are “Western chauvinists who refuse to apologize for creating the modern world.” The proclamation belongs to the Proud Boys, who “are known for anti-Muslim and misogynistic rhetoric,” according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which designates them as a hate group. Women and transgender men are not allowed in the group.

While the volunteer “indicated that he had attempted to distance himself from the group in recent months” Burman and a police official met with Bon Air Fire Company officials on Aug. 14 to address “the seriousness of this matter and urged the fire company to address it.”

Burman said he was informed the next day that the volunteer had offered his resignation, but the Bon Air Fire Company chief had refused to accept it. A week later, Burman said he received an email that said the fire company’s board had “found no basis for terminating the volunteer’s membership.”

Keep in mind that “The Proud Boys” is an organization that was founded by Gavin McInnes a cuckold of a man who once filmed himself jamming a black dildo in his ass. He has gone out of his way to prove how he is not a racist time and time again. And the organization he founded has numerous non-White members.

Yet somehow the local government of Haverford Township felt the need to shut down the entire fire company because one guy had some sort of affiliation with this group.

You know people have lost their minds when shutting down an entire fire department over the presence of a single alleged White supremacist is more important than ensuring fires can be put out.




Who appointed the jew-run Semitic Power Lawfare Center as the supreme arbiter of good and evil? Yet another example of jews accusing everyone else of what they themselves are guilty of, ie, belonging to a hate group. :fu:t6::fu:t6::nose:t3::six_pointed_star::fu:t6::fu:t6:


All the racist and misogynistic behavior of the SPLC has apparently been forgiven and sent down the memory hole.





We’ve reached a point where any group that is not explicitly pro-Jewish and anti-White is going to be labeled a “hate group” and subsequently targeted for harassment and financial-terrorism.