Fashwave Musician Xurious Hit In Latest YouTube Purge


Tch! they don’t banned hate speech, they’re banning talent.
That Xurious is very good, i didn’t know him before that news, i will listen the rest of his work. Murdoch Murdoch is very funny also, it’s reminded me Benamej parody. I will follow them too.
:rage:Screw Jewtube! i hope than they’re going to do bankrupt.


i was banned from a store because some jackass told the manager that i was a Racist Nazi so yes, this is happening. i might run for office as such in 2020.


The only way to win over them is to recognize to be everything than they accused you to be.
Yes i am a nazis, racist, homophobic, nationalists, sexist and fascist apologist so what ? i you screw all. That the only answer than they should get and that only ask balls.